Next-Generation Circos for Data Visualization and Interpretation

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Software & document

NG-Circos and its online documentation are avaible below


Download NG-Circos and its demos. Double click index.html (in to open all demos in local browser!

Quick start

Tutorials: step-by-step guide for 21 modules and input files in NG-Circos

Quick start - 21 modules

Use NG-Circos step by step

Quick start
User guide

Detailed documentation, tutorials and resources

User guide

Animation examples

Fascinating animations at starting of interactive circos plot (Click on the figures below)

Mouse events and tooltips

Mouse events and tooltips detailing biological data (Click on the figures below)


Simple visualization and rapid interpretation of multi-dimensional biological data


Visualize popular genomic data format.(WIG, VCF, GTF, ...)

Genomic features

Display/compare multiple genomic features, annotations and associations in or between genomic intervals

Interactive animations

Flexible interactive events and fascinating animations for each graphic element


Publication-quality and downloadable